Any 2020 Toronto Festival

The Lights Fest VOUCHER, Toronto 2020

$12.99 - $26.99
Not on Sale
The Lights Fest VOUCHER, Toronto 2020
About this Event

** SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRE-SALE FOR 2020 LIGHTS FESTIVAL! ** You will never have a chance to get tickets at these prices again. DO NOT MISS OUT!

This zero-risk Voucher Ticket is redeemable (one-time) at any 2020 Toronto Festival! We will again have multiple event dates in both the spring and fall for you to choose from! Our exact 2020event dates will be announced early in the new year. If you then find you are unable to attend any of the scheduled dates, your voucher ticket can be transferred or refunded in full. 


THE LIGHTS is a magical evening that will create memories to last a lifetime. Come celebrate as we put our inhibitions to the side, and our dreams to the sky. In one night, you can change to what you want to become. Let go of your fears, and embrace your true self. Join us as we light the fire within.

What You Get
Each adult ticket includes a packet to be picked up at the event. The packet contains a lantern and a marker. Each person 13 years and older will need an adult ticket to enter. Children 3 and under are free. Children ages 4 - 12 need a kid's ticket. They will receive a little Fun Kit, and no lantern.

Hurry! Space is limited- Don't miss out on our best prices!

Any 2020 Toronto Festival
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